When girls are safe, healthy, and empowered, they are forces for positive change in the world. https://t.co/KIwsWUFOip via @unfoundation
Learn more about assistive technology and how it can be used to benefit teachers and students. https://t.co/7idUx4Hz48 via @CTDInstitute
During #GIW2017, we pledged to spend $3 million per year through 2021 on investments in innovation. Read our pledge: https://t.co/ABRTvSkkNr
Over the past 25 years, @JNJCares has created programs that help everyone from grade schoolers to women in #STEM. https://t.co/ferZoBYjJ2
Thank you @bread4theworld for the great Twitter chat! It was wonderful to connect with so many great orgs working to #endhunger.
Let us know if you have any questions we can answer about our work! #endhunger https://t.co/HOVgbOB2uD
A8: Approaches like Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) help develop ag strategies for sustainable food security in cha… https://t.co/rgYrCH9bWy
A7: An #IntegratedDev approach can help address hunger in all its forms as well as build sustainable and impactful… https://t.co/r6QLk269qV
A6: Improved ag practices help communities adapt to & thrive in the face of environmental stressors.… https://t.co/IyDg4ZVCKZ
A5: Some respond w/ integrated approaches, the IHANN project in Borno, Nigeria is integrating nutrition:… https://t.co/F6Kap0Tn2t
A4: Food insecurity is a multi-sector problem, exacerbated by conflict, poverty, inadequate infrastructure and more… https://t.co/ckm0ScBlFT
A3: Some key challenges to #EndHunger by 2030 are population growth, water scarcity, and unequal access to food. https://t.co/9gQDTMegsJ