Implementing Partners

AVSI Northern Region 

  2. Meeting Point Kitgum is a local voluntary Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) made up of volunteers, recognized by the Government of the Republic Uganda on the 22nd February 1994. It was founded in Kitgum by some members of a Lay Catholic Movement known as Christ Communion, and Life (CCL) from Christ the King Parish, Kitgum Mission, and Palabek Parish. The NGO is formed on Catholic Church teachings of love. CCL puts emphasis on the necessity of life of friendship and communion in Christ among believers in their everyday life. It’s on this background that Meeting Point Kitgum emerged to mitigate the challenges and dilemma posed by HIV/AIDS and more to that to welcome the suffering of one of their founding Members whom had the HIV/AIDS virus.(The late Elly Ongee) whose plight called for togetherness, care and presence to make him feel accepted irrespective of his agony. This experience was later extended to all the clients hence “Meeting Point” the place of togetherness based on the Love of Christ. From 1990 up to date, Meeting Point Kitgum has become one of the oldest NGO in Kitgum and practically has the widest coverage in all the sub counties in Kitgum District due to ever alarming increase in the number of clients. On that motivation, it has become a home to the suffering individuals of HIV/AIDS. The experience the volunteers accumulated over time gave a potential resource to the organization as they could go on without remuneration for quite a while without affecting their work routine.
  4. The Concerned Parents Assocation Uganda (CPA-Uganda) is a child-focused organization formed in 1996 by a group of parents affected by the abduction of children by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). The formation of CPA was sparked off immediately after the abduction of 139 schoolgirls from St. Mary’s College Aboke, on 10 October 1996.CPA-Uganda was formed to seek the immediate and unconditional release of all abducted children, and their rehabilitation and reintegration into the communities. In doing so it aims to help build sustainable peace in Uganda. Other CPA programmes include the coordination and networking of peace advocates, research, documentation and capacity-building. CPA-Uganda's motto is “every child is my child.” Vision To have a peaceful society where children's rights are observed and respected. Mission "A child focused organisation devoted to promotion of peace and social stability of children affected by war in uganda through advocacy and psychosocial support”. Activities Current CPA programmes include peace advocacy and awareness creation, research, documentation and capacity-building, networking and collaboration, psychosocial support for war-affected families.
Gulu Early Childhood Development Support Organization(GECDSO) is a Community based  Organization which was founded in the year 2010 to address the contentious issues of vulnerability of children  of 0-8 years that exit in Acholi Sub region. For the past 3 years GECDSO has been implementing projects in the 4 sub-counties of Pece, Bardege, Laroo and Layibi divisions in Gulu Municipality. GECDSO core values are Accountability, Integrity, Transparency and Honesty and Professionalism. The organization has a vision of having enlightened and empowered community who has the knowledge of importance and benefits of Early Child hood Development and are able to provide their Children with the basic needs that can support health growth and development.
When girls are safe, healthy, and empowered, they are forces for positive change in the world. via @unfoundation
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Over the past 25 years, @JNJCares has created programs that help everyone from grade schoolers to women in #STEM.
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