SCORE is a seven-year, USAID-funded project formerly implemented by a consortium of agencies: AVSI (lead agency), CARE, TPO and FHI360 for a period of 5 years but now under AVSI Foundation.
The project was formerly implemented in 35 districts in 5 regions (North, Central, East, East-Central and South-West) .Currently the project is implemented in 23 districts with the aim of reducing the vulnerability of households.


    • To improve the socio-economic status of VC households.
    • To improve the food security and nutrition status of VC and their household members.
    • To increase availability of Protection and Legal Services for VC and their household members.
    • To increase capacity of vulnerable women and children and their households to access, acquire or provide critical services.
    • To reduce the incidence of HIV among adolescent girls and young women between the ages of 10-24.
    • To provide Early Childhood Development services to children 0-5years.

Recent Reports