Sustainable COmprehensive REsponses (SCORE) for Vulnerable Children and their families

SCORE is a seven-year, USAID-funded project implemented by a consortium of agencies: AVSI (lead agency), CARE, TPO and FHI360. The project is implemented in 35 districts in 5 regions (North, Central, East, East-Central and South-West) and aims to reach 25,000 households over the period of implementation. 

Overview of Goal, Objectives and Approach

The Goal of the SCORE project is to decrease the vulnerability of critically vulnerable children (VC) and their households.

The project aims to meet this goal by achieving the following objectives;

To improve the socio-economic status of VC households.
To improve the food security and nutrition status of VC and their household members.
To increase availability of Protection and Legal Services for VC and their household members.
To increase capacity of vulnerable women and children and their households to access, acquire or provide critical services.